Hi, my first name is Tyler-Fawn and my last name is Cash (Yes, this is my real name, guess you can say my parents are reformed hippies.) I’m a San Francisco Bay Area photographer living in the South Bay. I studied photography and graphic design at San Jose State University and have been continuously making photographs with my trusty camera ever since.

My style emphasizes the details of fashion in a style that matches the ambiance: settings, fabrics, and “ordinary” objects made extra-ordinary that help create these vivid memories of happiness experienced by my subjects. My influences originates from fine art, commercial lighting, fashion and textile design. I love combining these diverse elements during your special occasions, creating a warm, vibrant, stylized photography.

When I’m not taking pictures (or while I’m taking less of them) I enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, being a foodie with friends and family, visiting with my family that’s scattered throughout the Bay Area, and hanging out with my Alumni friends from San Jose State University.

- Tyler-Fawn Cash